More music from The Dixie Doughboys

San Antonio Rose (by Bob Wills)


Bruce Lang, Asheville, NC - leader, vocalist, guitar

Ed Benjamin, Nashville, TN - vocal

Bruce Derr KC1KNH - pedal steel guitar

Guy “Fooch” Fischetti KD2TLF, Woodstock, NY - fiddle

Billy Lang, Queens, NY - drums, glockenspiel, vocal harmony

Rick Palley, Queens, NY - bass guitar

Skeeter Starke, Nashville, TN - guitar, vocal harmony


Here are two more music videos that were recorded by the members of The Dixie Doughboys band during the Covid crisis. This band played together between 1980-1992 in the NY metropolitan area.  Several members had moved away from NY/CT area by 1992 and we disbanded.  We have remained friends and kept in touch, but hadn’t played together as a band for more than 25 years until these recordings. The last recording (Crazy Arms) included all of the Alumnus of the band from it’s inception to it’s end. Playing “together” again was one of the positive outcomes of the Covid 19 event for me.

The Process:

Bruce Lang was the band leader of the Doughboys and had the idea that the lockdown was the time to record together remotely.  He started by recording a reference track with the guitar and vocal and sent it to each of us asking us to record our parts and also send him a video of us recording it.  We each played our parts while listening to the reference track.  Then we sent him the audio tracks and videos.  He put the audio tracks in his ProTools recording software and mixed it together.  The reference track had a count off at the beginning before the song started which we left on the tracks we sent back so he was able to sync all the individual tracks using that.  He did something similar with the video.

Personal Notes:

I am a professional musician by trade, though at this time my trade seems to be nonexistent ;). The instruments I play are fiddle and pedal steel guitar. On these two tracks the pedal steel is played by Bruce Derr  KC1KNH the original steel player in the group. When I played with him in the ’80’s he was an Amateur Radio Novice and at that time he told me I should get my ticket, which I finally did 40 years later in February, 2020! It was he who planted the seed, along with several other electronics whizzes that I ran into and respected… that always seemed to have a Ham License. Needless to say, I am very happy I got my ticket!

Guy “Fooch” Fischetti KD2TLF

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