My summer project

So, over the summer you may have heard me talk on the 835 about a video I was working on creating. The aim of the video was an experiment to see how I could create a live stream or 'one take' video of myself telling a story about my work and ideas in a digital format that was in replace of the normal keynotes that I deliver in person. Part of what I do is fly somewhere in the world and stand on a stage and talk about what I do. I guess what I do is talk about what I do which is a little recursive! Anyway, it was much more difficult than I thought to create something that was as good as being there in person and was not another 'zoom call'. My goal was to do everything myself, write, produce, operate cameras, pull in media and perform. I went through three computer upgrades and had to learn a lot of software.

I finally created a draft, and shared it with a friend, she immediately commissioned it and the link went live a few weeks ago. This video was meant to be a draft, it really is just an experiment on my part to learn how to do a live stream, it's far from perfect. It's a one take and has no edits.

Given that I spoke about it lot over the summer I thought I would share the link here so you can get to see a little more of what I do.

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