Potato custard with home made sticky toffee pudding

I recently ran out of corn flour when making custard. I ignorantly thought I could make corn flour by milling corn, so I did, once i added a little milk I knew I had this totally wrong! I'm clearly still learning to speak American and had my cornflour, cornstarch and cornmeal totally confused. I think may have accidentally made grits! But it still was nice on the desert I made and some people actually went back for more!

Cornstarch has that wonderful property of flowing slowly if gently tilted or being as firm as rock if impact, its so fun to play with! It is thixotropic or non Newtonian and does not shear thin like most other fluids. (shear thinning is when you tap a ketchup bottle on the side to change the viscosity and allow it to flow).

So after some internet research I realised that making cornstarch may be too tricky, but potato starch is easy!

Put some potatoes in the food processor and blend to mush.

Add the mush to a bowl with some water and leave for a short while.

Squeeze the contents of the bowl through a cheese cloth (keep the pulp) and let the bowl stand for twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes pour away the murky brown liquid and at the bottom of the bowl will appear a pure white layer of starch! It has all the wonderful properties you would expect.

I added this to my food dehydrator for 15 mins and then scraped the dried flour into a small jar.

Five or so potatoes makes a few table spoons of starch. Perfect for sauces and custard!

And the pulp? This make a bonus batch of potato cakes!

Bonus Potato cakes!

I love sticky toffee pudding and custard! (I'm British and grew up eating stodgy food :) )

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