Summer Field Day 2020

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Some candid shots from The OMARC Summer Field Day at Ferncliff Forrest, Rhinebeck, NY.

Steve, K2GOG in the far back, Charles, K2BID, Dave, K2JLV and David, KD2MQE in the middle, with Guy, KD2TLF and Bob, KD2QAK, Safety Officer with vest in front. Planning setup strategy.

David, KD2MQE, and Dave, K2JLV prepping the cannon to launch a line.

Planning the strategy under close supervision of Bob, KD2QAK, aka Safety Officer.

Another launch team. Charles, KD2BID and Steve, K2GOG.

Finishing touches before raising the antenna into the trees. David, KD2MQE, Dave, K2JLV and Frank, KD2EYH.

Guy, KD2TLF, verifys the antenna.

Prepping the Iwo - Jima antenna. Dave, K2JLV and Charles, KD2BID.

Doc, KJ2DOC manning his station.

Joe, N2LL making that contact and carefully documenting if for the record.

Hard at work, Charles, KD2BID, Guy, KD2TLF, and Bob, KD2QAK.

Steve, K2GOG looks confident at the controls.

As do Dave, K2JLV and David, KD2MQE.

Iwo - Jima has been recreated. L to R, Ken, KD2TQS, Steve, K2GOG, Dave, K2JLV, Frank, KD2EYH, David, KD2MQE and Charles, KD2BID.

Another good team, Jed, KD2KJU and Paul, KD2IWC.

Doc, KJ2DOC doing double duty.

J.R., KA2TMU has it well under control!

Guy, KD2TLF and Ben, KD2TFK team up to score some more points!

Common consensus of opinion is that everybody had a great time.

I threw a few comments here to start.... more comments are welcome!

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