Thirty Second Tofu

I make tofu a few times a week. It probably took me around five attempts to get it to work and after that I have been refining my process to make it more convenient.

First I make soy milk:

Two cups of dried soy beans soaked overnight in cold water.

Blend the the soybeans in two batches, half the beans in the blender with it filled to 1.5 l level with cold water for one minute.

Pour the blended contents into a cotton bag and squeeze the milk into the Instant Pot pan.

Set aside the remaining contents (okura).

Do the same for the for the second half of the soaked soy beans.

Add both batches of remaining okura to the blender, fill again with water and then blend again.

Squeeze milk into Instant pot pan.

Make sure the Instant Pot pan is filled up to max level, top up with cold water if needed.

Set Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) to 15 mins and wait for about an hour. It will take around 15 mins to get to temperature, cook for 15 and then you want to wait at least thirty mins or more for a natural release.

Open Instant Pot, let cool to around 165 F

Add two tea spoons of calcium sulfate (gypsum) to a cup of boiling water then stir into soy milk in pan.

After a few minutes it should curdle. I leave it for at least 20 mins

Pour into a cheese cloth in a sieve.

I then wrap this tight in the cheese cloth and put between a tofu press.

Un wrap after thirty mins or more and you have beautiful tofu!

Ok so its not really thirty seconds, but the video is!

Most of the work is the squeezing, this probably takes me around ten to fifteen mins. The rest of the time waiting. But because this is in the Instant Pot there are no pans to watch, it's all set and forget.

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