View from above

In my early twenties I traveled to Australia. I arrived with just a few hundred dollars at 11 pm at night, no where to stay and I knew nobody in the country. I stayed for a few years and worked at various farms and factories. The experience that stayed with me the most was a few years on an 120,000 acre sheep farm with 22,000 sheep. To get the job I needed experience riding a motorbike, I lied, I never normally lie, I had never ridden a motorbike in my life. For a few years I would be on the bike in serious desert heat often out on my own. I fell of that bike every single day. The terrain was mountainous, many creeks to cross, and the occasional unmarked mine shaft. Its in the location where they filmed the original mad max!

Anyway, for a talk I'm working on I wanted to create a zoom in from space. Of course, it started easy and then became complicated. I tried with Google Earth but the video it created was too jumpy. So I followed a You Tube tutorial for Adobe After Effects, something I had never used before, so like that motorbike I jumped on and pretended I knew what I was doing. Two days later and I have my seven second video to put in the talk I'm working on.

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